Who are we?

‘Het Amsterdams Studentenprojectkoor’ (ASPK) is a student choir (also open for recent graduates) which focuses on humorous classical music repertoire. The aim of our association is to get students acquainted with lesser known genres of theatrical classical music and most of all have fun with it. We rehearse every Monday on the music and then put the piece on stage during intense rehearsal weekends with our stage director.  Every project is a great human adventure! Most of our projects have been operettas from various composers: Gilbert and Sullivan, Federico Chueco, Jacques Offenbach… Anybody is invited to join, with or without singing or theatre experience. If you like to be challenged more, you can audition for a solo role. Feel free to browse on our website if you would like to know more about our past and current projects!
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Can you join if you don’t speak Dutch fluently?

On a more practical note, it is good to know that we work with librettos translated in Dutch (speaking and singing text). The reason is that most of our audience and participants are Dutch speakers. Performing in our native language helps us to stay spontaneous in our acting and makes our work accessible and appealing to a wider audience. However, we have had foreign participants in all of our project (some of them even performed solo roles). Although our conductor and director mainly speak Dutch with the choir but they are both fluent in English. In general, non-Dutch members are able to follow and participate, and improve their Dutch in the process! So even if you are a non- Dutch speaker, you are very welcome to join us. If you have any questions or if you need help figuring out our Dutch website, send us an email at aspk.operette@gmail.com.